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    Providing holistic, functional and complete fitness training and exercise
    in a safe, supportive environment


    Welcome to the Fitness Spot!

    Our goal is to create a fitness community and provide you with a welcoming place to exercise. We’re here to help you reach your fitness goals!

    We are open by appointment only. Check out one of our fitness classes, personal training sessions or sign up for our 8 week fat loss program to start seeing results today!



    We have moved!!  Check out our new location at 1104 S. Westnedge Ave (at Wheaton, in the Vine Neighborhood two blocks south of Martini’s).  We have renovated an old fire station and are really looking forward to bring our fitness and nutrition classes to such a beautiful historic building.  All classes and sessions will be held in this building starting January 3rd.


    About our 8 week fat loss program:


    1. Balance Hormones:

    Each 8 week program starts with a 21 day food detox. We eliminate foods that cause weight gain, bloating, and inflammation. By doing this, we help reset your hormonal balance to fire up your metabolism for fat loss.

    2. Burn Fat:

    Once your metabolism is hormonally balanced, your body is primed and ready to burn fat! We teach you how to eat to maximize your body’s fat burning potential. We do not count calories. Instead we pay attention to how our body reacts to food. This gives us all the information we need to know what foods help us burn fat.

    3. Build Muscle:

    Most weight loss programs do not mind if you are losing muscle as you lose weight. However, when you lose muscle, you are lowering your metabolism and setting yourself up for failure and quick re-gain. Our 30 minute metabolic workouts are designed to build lean muscle and enhance fat loss at the same time.

    Learn More About Our 8 Week Fat Loss Program.